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Designcord, Dutch Design
Dutch Design is a term used to connote design in The Netherlands, particularly product design. More specifically, the term refers to the design esthetic common to designers in The Netherlands. Dutch Design can be characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky, and humorous. These values are deeply rooted in the system of the designers working in the Designcord studio and we all feel passionate about creating a forward design aesthetic, inspired by art, architecture, travel, fashion and great music.

about the founder
Michael van der Jagt born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has a background in economics and developed a strong passion for art, architecture and design. He started with his first company back in the year 2000 and designed and engineered computer components with a strong focus on a more ergonomic working environment. The idea for the Designcord was born out of frustration about the cable products available at that time and he recognized a lack of innovation and a lack style and fun in this segment. Together with a team of experienced engineers with a background in vacuum cleaner development he designed and created the Designcord product line-up.

in-house development and manufacturing
98% of the product you purchase from Designcord has been created in-house. Just 2% of the final product (mainly the packaging materials) are made elsewhere. We do the designing and engineering in-house. We have a department that engineers and manufactures the molds we need for our products. The plastic injection is done in-house and even the winding of the copper for the cables is done at our facility near Shanghai, China. This way we fully control the quality of the products, we manage our working conditions and we are able to carefully select the raw materials. We work together with world-recognized testing institutes to get the certifications we need to guarantee you safe and secure products with the highest grade of reliablity. 

"We work as a team and we create our products with our passions consolidated."

Michael van der Jagt
Designer/Founder, Designcord

contact information

Interested in selling our distributing our products? Or would you like to make one of our products under your private label? Do you need our products to match you socket type? Or are you looking for a custom solution? 

We will be happy to discuss the posibilities.

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